Week 1: Monday GMG Thanksgiving Study

Thanksgiving bannerHello and welcome to Monday of week one of the Good Morning Girls Thanksgiving study.  I have really been looking forward to the holiday studies.  It gives me a few minutes to stop and slow down during this busy time of year.  So, I hope you are following along and please feel free to leave me a comment.

FYI…if you want to take the reading plan with you Good Morning Girls is now on YouVersion (my favorite app) so just search for “Good Morning Girls” and you will find the reading plan.

Now for our SOAP of the day.  If you need to know what SOAP is please check out the post I shared last week.  It explains what it means.


Observation: Psalms 105:1-5 contains the same verses as our study today.  They are verse giving thanks to the covenant faithfulness of the Lord.  To me they are being repeated again in Psalms because they are so important.  We need to give our thanks to our Heavenly Father.  He gives us so much and promises so much more.  All He wants in return is our praise and unwavering obedience.  We are to tell everyone of His majesty and glory.  Seek God with all you have and study what He has to say.  Spending time with Him is a wonderful way of showing Him just how grateful you are.

Application: I need to take a look at my life and see just how much time I am spending with God.  Am I just going to church on Sunday and praying that’s enough?  Am I being as obedient as I am supposed to?  These are questions that flow through my mind as I contemplate today’s verses.  How can I show my Father just how grateful I am…well, it starts with spending time with Him.  These bible studies are a start, but I need to make sure that they aren’t the only time I spend with Him.

Prayer: Now, this part I won’t be sharing because my prayers to God can be very personal, as they should be.

Please…let me know what you think about today’s verses.  Are you following along with the study?  If you are not, make sure you are showing God just how grateful you are by spending some time with Him.

Gods Blessings,




Do you use SOAP?

SoapDo you use SOAP?

I’m not talking about the type of soap that you use to clean your hands or body.  This SOAP is a method used to study the Bible and with the next GMG study starting next week (November 11) I wanted to take a couple of minutes and talk to you about this method.

There are many way to study the Bible, but the one way that I learned through doing the GMG studies is called SOAP.  These letters stand for S-scripture, O-observation, A-application, and finally P-prayer.  I have to say this is one of the easiest ways to study, aside from Lectio Davina which I learned from Natalie Snapp, but that’s another post.

Now…to dig a little deeper and explain just a little more.


This part of soaping pertains to the part of your bible you are reading.  You might have a verse that stands out during your reading or you might be concentrating on one or a few verses.  If you are studying just a couple of verses….write them down.  If you are reading a bigger section, write down what verses might stand out to you in your daily reading.  You will need a journal or notebook.


Now that you have your verses written down or have finished your reading for the day, what did you learn or observe while you were reading and recording the verses that jumped out to you.  What was God trying to get your to see in His wonderful words?  What are the verses about?  Who was involved?  What were the characteristics of the people in the verses?  What occurred in those verse?


Here’s where your reading will really start to sink in.  How does your reading and the observations that you found apply to your life? Our society is different from the one in the Bible, but these verses and their teaching can apply to modern times…the question is…How?  Take some time and really think about how God is trying to reach you and what you can do to fully embrace His words.


Here is where you will pour your heart out to your heavenly father.  He wants to hear from you.  You have spent time in His word and majesty so…how does that make you feel?  Make this part of your study a very personal part.  You won’t need to share this with anyone so tell God how your study and His words have affected you.  He wants to know all so take time to let Him know.

Now that I have explained what SOAP is and how it works for me let me know if this is a method you would try and if not…Why?  Also, do you have a method that works for you?  Leave me a comment and tell me.  I always love hearing about how others study.

God’s Blessings,



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Throwback Thursday: Amen!

Amen graphic

Thought I would do a throwback Thursday.  I wrote this post over a year ago on my old blog and I thought I would revive it.   It might be an elementary concept of faith, but how many people really believe what they are saying when they say it.

{Written August 13, 2012}

I went to church yesterday morning.  That not might seem like a very big deal but, it’s been a few years since I have gone.  Not because I hate going, just because I haven’t been putting God & Jesus first and finding the time to go.  My life is pretty busy and I can get a little sidetracked if I let myself.

I would have never thought about a service like this one. The pastor started talking about the fact that he was finishing up a series on the Lord’s Prayer.  Ok, I thought…I can always use some understanding on why we say what we say when we pray the Lord’s Prayer.  Well, since this was the last service in the series it was all about the finish.  The “Amen.”

I was taken aback for a second.  Why do we need a service strictly about “Amen?”  Then, when he started talking about it, first during the children’s part of service, something clicked.  He asked the children “what does Amen mean?”  Ok, having said this word all my life, I had to stop and think.  What DOES Amen mean?  One of the little kids answered, “it means Thank you.”  He replied with ” that’s part of it.”

So at this point I was seriously thinking about the meaning of Amen.  What did it mean?  How many of us really, truly, know what Amen means.  Isn’t it just the way to finish up when we are talking to God?  Isn’t it just a standard finish that we have been taught to say?

When he said what it meant it was like a light bulb went off.  Ok, so right about now you are probably thinking….”How could she NOT know what Amen means?”  Well, I have never thought about the meaning until he started talking about it and until I heard it.  Our pastor said that Amen means “It shall be done.”  Everything made sense at that point.  The importance of Amen finally clicked.

When we are saying Amen we are saying that we put our faith in God to answer our prayers.  To me, this is probably the most important part of a prayer.  We can pray all we want but, do we really have faith that God will answer them?

It was a very simple meaning but, VERY important at the same time. 

So, do you say Amen and just say it to be saying it or do you truly believe in the meaning and that God will answer your prayers?  I know that I have been thinking about that since yesterday and I have to say that at first I was just saying it to be saying it.  It’s part of a prayer, right?  Now, I say it because I TRULY have faith that when I pray, God will hear me and answer my prayer.  Maybe not in the time frame I want, but IT SHALL BE DONE!

I Lead Bible Studies

Yes, you read the title right.  I lead a bible study group through the organization Good Morning Girls  (which I think I have mentioned) and I want to extend an invitation, to you, to join me.  I would love to have you.


We are currently finishing up our study through the book of Luke, but in a couple of weeks we will be starting our Thanksgiving study.   Care to join us?  Everything is free for the studies.  The reading plan, study guide, and even the videos that are posted weekly.  All you need is a Facebook group or, if you want, you can study and post your thoughts about the study in the comment sections of my blog posts.

Please, think about joining us during this time.  I know it can be a busy time of year, but this is the time we need to make God a priority.  We NEED to spend time in His word during this season, otherwise we can become overwhelmed very quickly.

So please think about joining me during this time and taking the time to show God gratitude.

I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.
Psalm 69:30
God Bless,


What’s Your Excuse – I have none!

There has been an image floating around on Facebook and now in a lot of media outlets.  It was a picture from Maria Kang of her and her three boys with the line of “What’s Your Excuse” at the top (image below).  Now, there are some that say she is a bully or fat-shaming, while others find  this image highly motivational.  Let me take a minute and share with you my stance on this image.

What's Your Excuse

Image causing all the issues

I can understand how others would find this image damaging to the way that women might look at themselves since the line of “What’s your excuse” might be perceived as Maria being critical of other women and expecting them to be like her and if they aren’t then they less of a women because of this.  I get it.  I completely understand how someone might feel that way.

But, while some find this image degrading, I have found that the line causing all the controversy has actually made me stop and take a look at my life in a different perspective and things that I want to accomplish, along with my relationship with God.

Instead of seeing this image as negative, I find that her question actually challenges me.  I have been working out and losing weight (65lbs so far) and there are times when it’s hard and I want to give up. BUT—I don’t simply because I can not find a reason that is good enough to make me stop.  Sure, I have trouble finding the time to workout, but I find it.  Yes, there are times when I want that piece of cake (and I do give in occasionally), but I find the will power to make the healthy decision.   I like wine….ok enough said there because when I want a glass of wine I have one…which is only occasionally.  Hey, I don’t want to be a fitness competitor…I just want to be healthy and in shape.

The bigger issue is this image didn’t just resonate with me on a health and fitness level.  It hit home in more ways than I could have imagined.  There are things that I want to accomplish in my life.  I love photography and I want to get back to taking pictures.  I want to expand that business and have wonderful ideas in mind. So….what’s my excuse for not making those things a reality?


The biggest way this image effected me was with my walk with God.  I want to spend time with Him everyday and have a wonderful, amazing, loving personal relationship with Him…so what’s stopping me?  I can’t use the excuse of “Oh, I just don’t have the time” since I am a bible study group leader for GMG.  So, again I had to stop and ask myself…what’s your excuse?  Guess what……I couldn’t find a valid excuse for not spending time with my creator.  There is NO excuse that would ever be good enough for Him.  NONE!!!!

If you look at the question that Maria poses for you and feel that it has no relevance to your life, that’s fine….You have every right to have your own opinion, but…for me…I feel this was God’s way of saying:

“Hey, You! Yes you!  Wake up and spend some time with me.  Oh, and while you are at it…take a look at your life and throw away any excuse you might ever come up with, because they will never be good enough for not living the life I have meant for you.”

Because no excuse will ever be good enough for you to NOT live the life you are meant to have.

God Bless and have a wonderful Friday



*Please remember that this is my personal opinion and that you might disagree.  That’s completely fine, but if you feel the need to comment (which I would love), make sure you are respectful. *