Week 1: Tuesday-Thursday GMG Thanksgiving Study

So I got a little behind in typing up my thanksgiving study.  SO…you get a 3 for 1 today.



O: Dong go before God with a sad or down turned heart.  Praise Him for simply being God.  If the only thing you do is give thanks then that’s enough for Him. As humans, we are completely dependent on Him and He will always be there for us.  God’s love is continuous and never ending.

A: During this time of the year we can get caught up in being grateful for all the material possessions that we have but what we really need to be grateful for is God’s never ending love.  Material possessions will come and go BUT God will never leave us.



O:Peace must rule our heart which to me means that Jesus must rule our hearts since he is the prince of peace.  As memebers of the church, we are called to Jesus.  We are to follow in his footsteps and teach others about the love God has for us and to always act for God and offer Him thanks for everything He does.

A:  Give God thanks.  As a follower of Jesus, God wants me to spread the good news about His love and the peace that Jesus can give us.  I can show my thanks by reading His beautiful words and singing songs of praise.  I love the songs part since I love to sing.  🙂



O: Offer God worship always.  Never stop praying.  Always be thankful to God.

A:  This all seems pretty straight forward, BUT when times get tough and God seems really far away this can get hard to go.  The thing is, we find God and draw closer to Him when we do these things so during the hard times it’s even more important to worship, pray  and give thanks.

Have a wonderful day!

Gods Blessing,



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