Week 1: Monday GMG Thanksgiving Study

Thanksgiving bannerHello and welcome to Monday of week one of the Good Morning Girls Thanksgiving study.  I have really been looking forward to the holiday studies.  It gives me a few minutes to stop and slow down during this busy time of year.  So, I hope you are following along and please feel free to leave me a comment.

FYI…if you want to take the reading plan with you Good Morning Girls is now on YouVersion (my favorite app) so just search for “Good Morning Girls” and you will find the reading plan.

Now for our SOAP of the day.  If you need to know what SOAP is please check out the post I shared last week.  It explains what it means.


Observation: Psalms 105:1-5 contains the same verses as our study today.  They are verse giving thanks to the covenant faithfulness of the Lord.  To me they are being repeated again in Psalms because they are so important.  We need to give our thanks to our Heavenly Father.  He gives us so much and promises so much more.  All He wants in return is our praise and unwavering obedience.  We are to tell everyone of His majesty and glory.  Seek God with all you have and study what He has to say.  Spending time with Him is a wonderful way of showing Him just how grateful you are.

Application: I need to take a look at my life and see just how much time I am spending with God.  Am I just going to church on Sunday and praying that’s enough?  Am I being as obedient as I am supposed to?  These are questions that flow through my mind as I contemplate today’s verses.  How can I show my Father just how grateful I am…well, it starts with spending time with Him.  These bible studies are a start, but I need to make sure that they aren’t the only time I spend with Him.

Prayer: Now, this part I won’t be sharing because my prayers to God can be very personal, as they should be.

Please…let me know what you think about today’s verses.  Are you following along with the study?  If you are not, make sure you are showing God just how grateful you are by spending some time with Him.

Gods Blessings,




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